Saturday, April 20, 2013

I am the LAW...&...I am within U

I was having my breakfast in the morning peacefully, but then I heard a voice calling, “Sultan, do something…!!!”
I turned my face and saw but there was no one, then I ignored, but again I heard the voice, “Sultan listen to me…”
I asked, “Who are you and where are you?”
The voice replied, “I am the LAW and I am within you.”
The voice said, “I have something to tell you.”
I asked, “why me? Go and tell other people.”
The voice said, “I am telling everybody but nobody is listening…”
I interrupted, “OK. Tell”
The voice after taking a deep breadth told me
“I am raped, when a girl is raped
I am slapped, when a girl is slapped
I am cheated, when the report is falsely made
I am weak, when nobody follows me
I am weak, when nobody fears me
I am confused and have one question in my mind, that why I have been amended, because writing just on paper doesn't make me strong.”

SEMINAR on Challenges in maintaining the Rule of Law.

Hon'ble Mr. Justice M.Y Eqbal
Judge Supreme Court of India

Hon'ble Mr. Justice Altamas Kabir
Chief Justice of India 

Friday, April 12, 2013



Box no:1
Box no:2
Electronic Voting Machine, with Biometric Informations of all Voters of a particular Booth only.

Box no:3
Voting Server connected with the E.V.M.

Box no:4
Message by the Voting Server on Voters Mobile & E-mail
voting code:
“serial no./booth no./uid no.”
You have Voted
IF ‘yes’ then delete this message & don’t share this Code with anyone.
ELSE, Report about this ‘Bogus Vote’ for cancellation to Election Commission.

Box no:5
Options available to Voters for cancelling the Bogus Vote
a A)     Message
From that same Mobile no.
And send to XXXXX

   B)    E-mail
From the e-mail id on which you have received the CODE.

    C)     Website Portal
Visit the Website Click the BOX

And feed i) Voting Code & ii) Uid no. iii) Mobile no. on which you have received the CODE.

    D)    FIR
Lodge an FIR to the nearest Police Station, then it will be the Duty of Police to use the any one of the above 3 options.

Friday, April 5, 2013

I Wish To Be Ur Pillow...!!!

"I wish to be ur Pillow,
when u r Sad, I will absorb all ur Tears,
when u r Angry, u will beat me & release ur anger,
when u r Tired & fall down, I will act as Physics Impulse,
when u r Happy, u will Hug me with Smile
when u go to Sleep, u See Me Last
when u wakeup, u See Me First..."

Absorbing Ur Tears

Releasing Ur Anger

Acting as Physics Impulse, When U  r Tired & Fall Down 

U Hug with Smile,When u r Happy

U See Me Last, When U Go To Sleep

U See Me First, When u Wake Up

Tumhaari khamooshi ka matlab hum dhoondne baithe...

"Tumhaari khamooshi ka matlab hum dhoondne baithe,
Tumhaari khamooshi ka matlab hum dhoondne baithe...
kya bataye ki hum apni galti dhoond baithe,
Ye maana ki tumhari Zuban pe hamare liye LAFZ nahi
kya bataye ki hum tumhari Khushi ke liye,
puri kahani likh baithe..."


Ek Subahhh...!!!

"Ek Subahhh...
Sooraj ki tarah unki aankhon ko chamakte dekha,
Parindo ki tarah unki khwabon ko udte dekha,
Safed chaader ko khushiyon ki tarah samette dekha aur
Jab humne unhe apni baahon me liya
Unhe मोम ki tarah peghalte dekha." 
Ek Subahhh...

Safed chaader ko Khushiyon ki tarah samette dekha

Jab humne unhe apni baahon me liya...

Unhe मोम  ki tarah peghalte dekha