Saturday, November 16, 2013


When I first bought my cricket bat, my brother told me that if i would remove the sticker, the bat would look like Sachin's Bat...So i did it...

When I bought my second bat, I chose the heaviest one among the collection, because i knew that Sachin loved to bat with the heaviest one...and...the experience of Batting with the Heavy Bat was so wonderful that from then on, I always played with the heavy weighted bat...

My Last Bat

When I created my first social network account on ORKUT, I made Sachin's photo, as my first profile pic...

My Orkut Profile Pic

When I created my first Blog in 2008...I used Sachin's Photo

My First Blog Photo

When I created my FB account, again i used Sachin's photo as my first profile pic...

My First FB profile Pic

Sachin's Farewell Speech

Thursday, November 7, 2013


All characters and events in this story are fictitious and bear no resemblance to any person living or dead. Any similarity is purely coincidental and unintended.

It was Sunday, 7’o clock in the evening, I was sleeping, because I was very tired, the phone ranged, I received the call

She said, “Thank God you received the call, I was very worried about you, I called you almost 30 times, Sultan where have you been, I am waiting for you….”

I interrupted, “I was sleeping and why are you waiting for me?”

She – “You forgot na???”

I – “What I forgot?”

She- “Today is Diwali”

I – “Are you sure?”

She became angry and disconnected the call.

Though she was 3 km away from me, but I messaged her, “Reaching within 15 mins”
After some time, I again messaged her, “just 1 km away from you…but caught in traffic jam”

There was no reply from her, so I messaged the third time, “since I can’t keep you waiting so I left my bike and I am running as fast as I can…”

She called me and scolded me in loud voice, “What the ___ are you doing, are you crazy???....go and get your bike” suddenly her voice became soft, “I can wait for you till the last breadth of my life”

I replied, “You don’t have to…just turn around” and I was taking deep breath.

She turned towards me and I saw her beauty in Pink Saree, perfectly tucked pleats into the waist, PALLU (the loose end of the saree) draped back crossing over the left shoulder, pink backless blouse, matching pink lipstick, sparkling eyes with black mascara , lots of bangles, a Solitaire of black stone ring on the left hand middle finger, big earrings, a sexy Kamarchalla, and a lovely Bindiya on her forehead, I was very amazed by her beauty….after seeing me she ran towards me, I could hear the sound of her Payals, CHAN CHAN CHAN, and she hugged me… whispered, “I hate you Sultan!!!.You always keep me, waiting” and asked, “and, by the way, where is your bike?”

I replied, “At home, the clutch wire broke,”

“But you said…..”

I interrupted and confessed to her, “It was a lie…”

“Then how you came? And why you are so perspiring...”

I said with controlling my breath, “due to fast running…” and I continued, “You are looking very beautiful, I can’t believe my eyes” I rubbed my eyes and again saw her in an amazed way.

She said in a very caring voice, “Why you ran so fast… I told you na… that I can wait for you till the last breath…” and she wiped my sweat from my face with the Pallu of her Pink Saree, and she whispered, “don’t look me like a Vampire, Sultan,"
She continued, "I wish, of having two extra canines like you...”

I asked, "Do you want to become a Vampire?"

She replied, "No, but it creates an attractive look...only to a woman, not to a man."

And as she was moving her hand towards my lips, I said, “Wow!!!”

 She pushed me away and threw her long hairs back, on my face, that gave me the feeling of a velvet touch, and she went to terrace.

I followed her and said, “You look so beautiful, really, I couldn’t believe my eyes.”

She, “Why you can’t believe?”

I stammered, “Because I, I, I, have seen many women but for the first time in my life I am seeing an Angel in Pink Saree.”

She said, “Makhan mat maaro, Sultan, and don’t play mischief with your deep eyes.”

“I am telling the Truth.”

“Truth and you??? are the biggest liar, I ever met.”

I was totally shocked, that she didn’t believe me,

She requested, “Ok, listen, bring those Diyaas.”

I did what she said and then she arranged all those Diyaas in a big Heart Shape.

I asked, “Whose heart is this???”

She replied, “ours!!!”

I jumped into it and said, “Now, it’s one Heart with two bodies.” She gave a lovely smile to me; I hugged and kissed her forehead.

She whispered, “It resembles the Heart of Love”

We opened the boxes, full of crackers (patakhas), and we both started burning, the ANAR, JALEBI, CHURCHURI, ROCKET etc.

When JALEBI was spreading its sparks in 360, she used to scream and  jump in fear, like a child, because of those fire sparks and I captured that lovely moment, her jumping video (holding the long AANCHAL(pallu), of her PINK Saree, in hand, trying to safeguard it from fire sparks of Burning JALEBI).
Whenever the AALOO BOMB (Cracker) exploded, she closed both her ears by her hands and every time of that; I took the snapshot of her expression.

 After spending almost 30 to 45 mins, burning all the crackers, we sat down taking the support of the terrace wall, holding each other’s palms, we both were silent for some moment. I kissed her solitaire ring, combed her hair with my fingers, because it was all messed up. I wiped my face with the aanchal.

Suddenly she screamed, “Oh my God, Sultan, I forgot to give you the sweets…!!!”  Then she ran straight to the kitchen and brought, some sweets of different varieties, on a small porcelain plate, and presented to me. But, I didn’t touch the sweets and she understood my emotion. Then she fed me those sweets using her sweet hand and every time, I try to bite her fingers and every time she used to say (in her sweet voice), “offo Junglee”… “Junglee”… “Pagal”… “Duffer”….
I commented, “You also forget, hmmmm”

She grabbed my chin and pressed it hard, I felt the pain.
She said, “What did you say???...”

“Ouch, leave it…”

“I don’t forget the important things, like you forget…”

“It’s hurting, Please leave it…”

“I was waiting for you, and you were sleeping on Diwali Evening…”

I interrupted, “I was tired, sorry!!!...can I get a cup of coffee???”

She removed her hand, and we both went towards kitchen. But I didn’t enter; I was standing placing my shoulder on the door and watching her activity, she was very excited. The best part of that moment was looking her movement, managing the big length Saree, in kitchen.

 I said, “Madam, Black Coffee haan!!!”

She nodded, “I know ba ba, you don’t need to remind me.”

I commented, “I thought that you forgot!!!” and I laughed.

She gave a peevish look and said, “Very funny!!!” and she continued, “Ok, what would you like to eat???”

I was silent.

She waved her hand and shouted, “Hey, where are you, stop gazing at me” and in a sarcastic tone she asked, “Tell me…Mr. Writer, Dinner mein aap kya khana pasand karegen???”

I replied, “Nothing!!!”

She asked, “Why???”

“Coffee is enough.”

She handed me the red mug filled with black coffee, and said, “You are as hard as this Black Coffee.”

I replied, “But your love makes it soft and sweet.”

We both sat on sofa, sipping coffee staring each other’s eyes.

She brought her laptop and ordered, “Now, watch this movie…”


I resisted, “Don’t you have any other movie…why you girls like, these kinds of movies.”

She asked, “Have you watched, this?”

“No!!! But I read the movie review”

“Now, shut your mouth, and watch it.”
Instead of movie, I was watching her, the angel face of the paradise.

She was irritated, catched my face turned towards the screen, “Watch the movie, not my face, idiot!!!”

I sang the line.
“Nazar chahti hai deedar karna
Ye dil chahta hai tumhe pyaar karna.”

She warned me with her smile, “Sultan, I told you na, not to play mischief.”

I asked, “What?” trying to be an innocent child.

Turning her face to the laptop screen, she said, “It’s totally waste, to watch movie with you.”

After watching the whole movie, I whispered, “The things, I like in this movie are the heroine’s voice …and the song ‘RANG JO LAGYO’.”

 She interrupted, “Her name is Shruti Hassan.”

“Her voice is like yours”

I took the laptop from her started writing something, she went to the kitchen, and she shouted from there, “Would you like to eat something?”

I also shouted, “Coffee!!! And please add some extra love to it this time.”

While she was busy in the kitchen, I disturbed her by shouting, “hey, where is your 3G dongle?”

She came out from kitchen, opened her drawer, took out the dongle from it, gave it to me, and then went back to kitchen. I downloaded a song ‘SAREE KE FALL SA…’
She came back with my coffee, as I leaned forward to hold the mug; she laughed and took back steps, just to annoy me. I tried to catch her but she started running, after running about three rounds in the room, she went to the balcony and I finally catched her, I snatched the coffee mug from her hand, taking the sip from it, gave a smile to her, I grabbed her wrist and twist it a bit, she started shouting in pain, “Ok…Ok…Ok…I am sorry, I am sorry…”

As I took another sip of it, she snatched it from my hand and sipped the coffee, ran away back into the room….

I said in an emotional voice, “Next time I will not ask you for the coffee.”

She, in her loving voice, said, “oooohhhh…alle sad….” And she laughed, “Ok…take it…waise bhi…I am not interested in this Black Coffee…how you drink it?” She continued, “Acha tell me…why you asked for the dongle?”

I didn’t reply to her.

She checked the download folder, played that song, and asked me to join the dance.

I asked, “How you can dance, wearing  Saree, you will fall…”

She accepted it as a challenge, she wrapped the loose end of the saree i.e Pallu taken from the back and locked it into her waist and offered me, her hand, and said, "Let's dance the South Indian Style….."

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Apply this concept in any field


CREATIVITY leads  you to to do INNOVATIVE works

Saturday, April 20, 2013

I am the LAW...&...I am within U

I was having my breakfast in the morning peacefully, but then I heard a voice calling, “Sultan, do something…!!!”
I turned my face and saw but there was no one, then I ignored, but again I heard the voice, “Sultan listen to me…”
I asked, “Who are you and where are you?”
The voice replied, “I am the LAW and I am within you.”
The voice said, “I have something to tell you.”
I asked, “why me? Go and tell other people.”
The voice said, “I am telling everybody but nobody is listening…”
I interrupted, “OK. Tell”
The voice after taking a deep breadth told me
“I am raped, when a girl is raped
I am slapped, when a girl is slapped
I am cheated, when the report is falsely made
I am weak, when nobody follows me
I am weak, when nobody fears me
I am confused and have one question in my mind, that why I have been amended, because writing just on paper doesn't make me strong.”