Friday, November 2, 2012

When I Saw Her...after 2 yrs

When i reached Ranchi, first thing i did, i started SEARCHING for Her ( in India we call it TALAASH for Her). In my mind there was only one question...WHERE IS SHE???

I tried very much but that was all in vain. I couldn't find Her, my days and nights where passing like years...During daytime, i was busy in searching each & every place, where I could possibly find Her, and in night I used to hear the song JEE LE ZARAA (film-TALAASH).

Almost after one month, I saw Her, she was looking soooo beautiful that I can't explain in words it can only be felt, my heart started beating faster & faster, my mind stopped working, I was feeling reluctant, near Church Complex She and her two friends was sitting on a rickshaw. As the rickshaw was going forward, I got a feeling that I am loosing my destiny, so i decided to follow Her.....but.....following a rickshaw with bike was not a good idea, therefore I left my Bike in parking area and hired a young rickshawwala among 5 of them, because i thought that young blood will understand my feeling and he will not act as an obstruction in my work, but I was wrong, that man increased the fare after I told him to follow Her rickshaw...but I ignored the value of money and agreed with his demand.

The interesting part of this story is that when I checked my wallet, it was having no money  

oh my God!!!

I took out my cell phone and messaged to all my friends, asking them their Locations, almost all of them of them was near Kaali Mandir Chowk, I knew that that Chowk was on our way, suddenly i called him asked him to for the money.

As Her rickshaw (with Triple Load) was moving slow, I told my rickshawwala, "Bhai dheere chal, overtake nahi karna hai." (Brother please drive slow, need not to overtake )

I could only see Her  HAIR, not tied, blowing with the wind

Blowing hair with the Wind
 I tried to capture that moment but as you know you can't hold your hand still while traveling on rickshaw, when I was crossing Kali Mandir Chowk, I took Rs 500 without stopping the rickshaw, and shouted to my friend, "I will explain you later."

when they reached Sarjana Chowk, the rickshaw stopped and they stepped down, crossed the road and went towards St. Xavier's College, I was puzzled by their move.

I stepped down from the running  rickshaw and paid the fare without any bargaining...after walking 3 to 4 minutes I saw She boarded into a yellow bus, parked at the opposite side of St. John School, it was an Engineering Institute Bus, fortunately I knew something about that Institute

then I called my friend who was studying in that Institute and inquired about the DEPARTURE TIME

He replied, "5'O clock."

I saw my WATCH, it was 4:50 p.m, only 10 minutes left

I was on the other side of the road Watching Her..... I was confused that during the rickshaw voyage She was talking with her friends with lots of energy and charming Her laugh made me She boarded into the bus Her SMILING FACE changed instantly into a SAD face , Her friends were talking with each other, but She sat on window seat & was completely silent with elbow on the window and Her INNOCENT FACE resting on Her seems that she deeply went into Past Memories...those memories when i was the only reason for her HAPPINESS...(but today i am the ONE only responsible for Her SADNESS)

She was crying, I could see the TEARS coming out of Her eyes, while watching Her, I forgot everything in this World even myself.

As the bus engine started suddenly she realized that drops were coming out from eyes, she quickly rubbed Her eyes with both hands just to act as Dust went into her eyes...the bus started movingand She was going far and far away and i felt that my soul was going out from me...but...but...but I was reluctant.


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