Sunday, August 21, 2011


When i was in class 8, our history teacher, Mr. Chattaraj, taught that CORRUPTION was not there in India during Mughal times. It was the invasion of British which brought the seed of CORRUPTION India.

It was the East India Company which came into India just to make business and we all know business means profit.
Profit can be of different types like emotional profit, power profit, monetary profit and etc.

East India Company came just to make MONETARY profit because they knew that they could not dominate Mughal as the law & order and the management of the empire was very sound & strict. But when they visited they were warm welcomed by the native people because in India hospitality had no: 1 position in priority list.

East India Company took the advantage of that and started increasing their space. And their intention shifted from monetary profit to power profit.

But the question was that how they could get the power to dominate the Mughal Empire?

They used the simple logic. “If you can’t increase your power then decrease the power of your enemy.” And that’s what British did in India ‘DIVIDE & RULE’ policy.

But there was again one question, how could they divide the people of India?
For this they used the ‘SEED’ which they brought with them i.e. the seed of CORRUPTION.

Corruption is like a PANDORA’S BOX, the person who accepts it thinks that he will get various precious & beneficial things, but when he opens it, he is caught by a various kinds of diseases and that directly affects the CULTURE. The culture of Ethics and Purity.

And now the whole population of India is fighting with this disease like the people, who fought against the Britishers during Independence War.
That time the leader was M.K.GANDHI & now we have ANNA HAZARE, the resembling character of of M.K.GANDHI.
Let’s all we people support him & help our country to uproot this Devil’s Tree of Corruption .
Country: INDIA