Monday, February 21, 2011


After submitting the answer sheets, i rushed outside the examination hall. I started searching HER in the whole campus, but she was not there, then i asked my friend,"Have you seen HER?"

He said,"Who?"

I replied,"The most beautiful GIRL of our college."

He said,"Oh ......that GIRL....she just went outside the college."

I said,"Thanx buddy!!!"

Then i rushed to parking, took out the BIKE and with high speed went out of college.

I thought she had gone with her uncle on his bike....but....i was wrong, she was WALKING. I didn't asked any question to HER. why SHE preferred WALKING beside AUTO.

I stopped the bike & said,"Come on sit !!!"

She responded,"NO, i can go."

As expected answer 'NO'. We all know girls' answers NO,NO,NO and only NO.

I shouted,"Oh..!!!! come on, don't act as a Foolish Girl.....sit."

I continued,"OK..!!! fine,if you will not sit then i am going to make inferences about u."

She asked,"What inferences?"

I answered,"No:1- you STUDY but you don't apply it in your life.
No:2- if you don't apply KNOWLEDGE in your life then you are not LEARNING.
No:3- if you are not learning then that means, you are not actually studying i.e you are just studying for the sake of EXAMINATION."

She said,"APPLICATION of KNOWLEDGE is the ultimate GOAL of LEARNING(studying)?"

I replied,"Exactly...!!!...we study so that we can make our lives we have just given our ECONOMICS EXAM, it is obvious that we should follow the line 'LESS RESOURCES BETTER UTILIZATION' if i am offering you LIFT, you should accept it, because it will save your transportation cost by 100% i.e FREE HOME DELIVERY."

She said in loud voice with HER big SMILE,"NO...!!!"

At that moment, i felt that all my EXPLANATIONS were waste.

I requested HER,"Pleeeeeeease...,!!!"

She said,"go SULTAN ....why are you.....?"

I interrupted,"I am not listening just sit...ok."

Then SHE started her own explanations or i can say 'the ART of saying NO'.

She said,"as you said that we study to make our lives better."

I said,"Ya...!!!"

She told me,"Then you know that petrol is non renewable resources."

I replied,"Ya...!!!"

"so we should try to save that as possible we can do."

I said in a hurry,"YA, i know....when you will sit, i will drive my bike at ECONOMY speed,i promise that i will not increase the speed more than the economy's a PUKKA promise."

She started laughing and said,"Mr. KHAN's promise ....Oh my GOD!!!!!"

I know it was a comment for me, but i replied,"Really....and you know what?"

She asked,"What?"

I answered,"I will not use the FRONT DISC BRAKE during the ride."

She said,"Oh!!! really."

I said,"Ya....and..HONESTLY speaking.... this is not a promise."

She asked,"What is it?"

I answered,"A COMMITMENT."

She was amazed and said,"Oh my GOD, i can't believe this." and she started laughing with the top of HER voice.

I requested her,"Come on yaaaar !!!! believe me atleast for now."


I showed my consent,"Right, use it in your life."

She said me,"Without using a single drop of petrol, you can do your work, Mr. KHAN."

I asked,"How?"

She said,"By WALKING."

I was shocked,"By WALKING ????"

She said,"Yep..!!!......"

She continued,"....and you know what? is good for your health as well....and...."

I interrupted,"and what?"

She answered,"ECO-FRIENDLY."...and she started laughing again.

Then after hearing HER explanations, without thinking or any extra effort of convincing HER, i put the BIKE on stand and started WALKING with HER..........


I know that after reading the above story , you are thinking ,why i LEFT the bike....... because it was not mine...but my friend's bike...and.... he had the EXTRA KEY.


The next chapter 'A WALK OF HAPPINESS' is under construction..I will be releasing it very