Monday, November 21, 2011


The Power of Networking

I read somewhere that 90% of the people get there job with the help of their network i.e. social contacts…..”Oh my God!!! i can’t believe it.” That’s the same line I have shouted when I read it for that instance, I became little bit confused, but I realised, HOMO SAPIENS i.e. HUMAN BEINGS are SOCIAL ANIMALS.

Yeh, what are you thinking right now is exactly correct, we can’t live without socializing with the people.

I was thinking one day, what is the main difference between the SUCCESSFUL & UNSUCCESSFUL people????

Why some people get SUCCESS in some project and others don’t???

I got one answer from my logic and that is NETWORK.

The chances of SUCCESS increases with the increase of NETWORK.



Generally there are different kinds of network e.g.





5. 5. e-NETWORK


The first network that we get by default is Relatives Network, i.e. parents, uncles, aunties, cousins which is based on Blood Relation, the strongest Network of all.

We should take care of our relative’s emotions, connected with us and we can get various kinds of help from them…… we all know……… I don’t need to explain that.

But some people can’t even use these networks efficiently……… why???..... Because they don’t meet them in family functions and festivals, like marriage, Christmas, birthday parties etc………. and there they weaken their Network Power, by not participating in those parties, which is the source of strong happy emotional time.


Party is the best arena for communicating with our relatives and to make our relative’s network more strong.

I don’t know about other countries but in India we have lots & lots of relatives.

(Neighbors are included in Relatives Networks because I feel my neighbors as my relatives)


This is a kind of network which we create. We work on making this Network there is no role of our parents in it.

When we enter into school we make new friends and communicate with teachers and as time passes we become like family members. We don’t have any idea that how we came close to each other and whenever we need each other we are always in frontline.

The Network made during school time is very strong and pure. This works for the life time. We have to just be in contact with each other. But the majority is 10 to 15 friends in the group or some people have less than that.


After schooling we enter into college where we get bigger network than school. College network is also considered as one of the strongest Network but that depends upon the individuals that how he/she takes care of friends.

In my view this is the most important Network because we meet those friends almost all of them are of same field e.g. BUSINESS MGMT, ENGINEERING, MEDICAL etc.

We can share our views with them. We can create a strong team. But what I am facing problem in small town that nobody believes in team work. Everybody is working for self just because of INTROVERT CHARACTER and GENDER GAP, among students.

*INTROVERT:- 1. Person predominantly concerned with his or her own thoughts. 2. Shy thoughtful person.

*GENDER GAP:- Girls students don’t share their views easily to Boys and vice versa.

Due to these above two mentioned reasons we lose one of the most important Phase of Networking for that we have to pay in future. As far as I m concerned, I communicate not by setting double standard for male and female. Being BUSINESS MGMT student, I always consider them as a future manager.

To be Continued…

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Deregulation on deposit rates and ISLAMIC BANKING CONCEPT

Since last year RBI is consistently increasing Repo Rate, 13 times in just one & half year.
Why ????
That what I have listened from the various business news channels .
One of the banker during press conference told that people of India are spending more that’s why RBI is hiking repo rate
The concept of bringing demand curve has been actually used for controlling INFLATION, as we all know that the inflation has crossed double digit ( WPI is followed in India not CPI, if CPI will be followed then the inflation can become BLOODCRY for India ).

The real effect of Repo Rate in simple language.

When RBI hikes repo rate that means it is taking more & more money from the market and keep it with itself, which means the money flowing in the market will become less & thus purchasing power of the consumer will become less & hence the demand. If demand is decreased then the inflation will ultimately go down .
( we haven’t seen much control in inflation yet )

But my logic got another explanation, when RBI deregulated the saving account deposit rates .

When I thought deep on deregulation of deposit rates, I came to a conclusion that RBI is actually increasing money supply in the market, not from its account but from public pockets .

Saving power of Indians is the highest in the world but most of the people don’t keep their money in bank accounts. They generally prefer to keep it in safe drawer, so by deregulating the saving account deposit rates, RBI gave a golden opportunity to banks to persuade more and more customers for keeping money in banks.

The depositors will soon start depositing money in bank accounts, because of attractive rate
( Return)without any RISK, as inflation is increasing day by day, to meet that they have to keep their idle money in safe haven, so that the purchasing power of that money could not be highly decreased.
They Will keep their money for longer period.

This deregulation on deposit rates paved the way for ISLAMIC BANKING CONCEPT in India

Since deregulation gives the power to bank to set any rate of interest on deposits in saving bank accounts, therefor by utilizing this power, the banks can start a new set of saving accounts which wil give ZERO % interest i.e. No interest, which muslim people prefer the most (because in islam receiving or paying interest on money is strictly prohibited, ‘HARAM’ )

This Islamic banking concept in deposits will bring lots and lots of money into banks ( the total working fund will increase but without paying any penny )

For example
If a person deposits Rs 1000 @ 0% A/c at time t1 and withdraw at time t2. The bank fund is increased by Rs 1000 for time t2-t1 without any interest cost.
For that time period (t2-t1), the bank can utilize that money & generate profit, but it does not have to share that profit with the depositers.
Now the question arises why the Muslim people will deposit into 0% A/c rather than their safe drawer ???

The answer of this question is that banks will provide all the modern technological facilities, like ATM, ONLINE BANKING, DEBIT CARD, MOBILE BANKING..... etc, to them for easy transactions.


RBI : Reserve Bank of India
WPI : Wholesale Price Index
CPI : Consumer Price Index
This topic when i discussed with my friend SHADAB ANJUM, BA in ECONOMICS, he started cross questioning me and he acted as my biggest critic. but i managed to explain the money supply effect to him. You all know, satisfying any ECONOMICS GRADUATE is the toughest part.

Because of lack of time, i could not discuss with my another friend NADEEM KHAN, another ECONOMICS GRADUATE in my group, otherwise this topic would have become more interesting.

Sunday, August 21, 2011


When i was in class 8, our history teacher, Mr. Chattaraj, taught that CORRUPTION was not there in India during Mughal times. It was the invasion of British which brought the seed of CORRUPTION India.

It was the East India Company which came into India just to make business and we all know business means profit.
Profit can be of different types like emotional profit, power profit, monetary profit and etc.

East India Company came just to make MONETARY profit because they knew that they could not dominate Mughal as the law & order and the management of the empire was very sound & strict. But when they visited they were warm welcomed by the native people because in India hospitality had no: 1 position in priority list.

East India Company took the advantage of that and started increasing their space. And their intention shifted from monetary profit to power profit.

But the question was that how they could get the power to dominate the Mughal Empire?

They used the simple logic. “If you can’t increase your power then decrease the power of your enemy.” And that’s what British did in India ‘DIVIDE & RULE’ policy.

But there was again one question, how could they divide the people of India?
For this they used the ‘SEED’ which they brought with them i.e. the seed of CORRUPTION.

Corruption is like a PANDORA’S BOX, the person who accepts it thinks that he will get various precious & beneficial things, but when he opens it, he is caught by a various kinds of diseases and that directly affects the CULTURE. The culture of Ethics and Purity.

And now the whole population of India is fighting with this disease like the people, who fought against the Britishers during Independence War.
That time the leader was M.K.GANDHI & now we have ANNA HAZARE, the resembling character of of M.K.GANDHI.
Let’s all we people support him & help our country to uproot this Devil’s Tree of Corruption .
Country: INDIA

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


India, soon is going to have a consolidation era in TELECOM field.

1. All the BIG players want to become no:1 company, but many SMALL player are giving them tough competition and taking out their expected PROFITS or i can say they are creating obstacles in BIGGERS way of success.

This consolidation situation will arise because of tough competition and in becoming no:1, the BIG players will first target to the small players, and this will be a great kind of thing for small players, because they will get good market value in a very short term, they even know that they can't survive when the BIG FISHES are already fighting among themselves in PRICE WAR.

The TELECOM players change their plans just like MODELS change their cloths.

2. Many global telecom players are keen to enter the Indian market because they know that he population is huge and that makes India a huge market for them, but they can't enter in dirctly. they should consolidate with already existing players.

3. Many domestic companies working in other sectors are also trying to start telecom business and some of them have already started their operation.

So, to exist in Indian telecom sector in near future, where price war has already started .............CONSOLIDATION is the only SOLUTION.


I have just started ANALYSING A a company,ECLERX...( advised by my friend VINIT KESHAW ) .....but my exam is on my way.....i just hope that i can post very soon about that company.

want to make money INVEST IN INDIA.

Saturday, March 19, 2011


JAPAN 12:15am

A call came on her phone & the name displayed was 'PAXKING'. She attended the call & the voice from other side said,"HAPPY B'DAY.", after hearing that, she smiled & said angrily,"So late !!! what were you doing?"

the boy started thinking for a good reason. As we all know girls always hate waiting, and her LOVER BOY made her to wait 15 mins, can you imagine 15 mins ???......oh my God!!!

The boy replied,"Sorry!!!"

She said in angry,"What sorry? tell me the reason."

he said,"Actually my WRIST WATCH time is 15 mins slower than the actual time."

She advised him,"oh Mr.LOVER BOY always be on time."

He showed his consent,"Ya, i will follow your words MADAM."

They started chit chatting of long hours.

They boy said,"Ok listen, i have made a plan of celebrating your b'day."

She asked,"What's the plan ?"

He replied,"Well !! that's a secret."

She asked like a child,"mmmhh plz tell na !!"

He said,"See you in your house in the afternoon, god ny8 .....bye...bye." & disconnected the call.

The boy reached her house so that he can give her the SURPRISE GIFT as soon as possible, because he was leaving JAPAN in the evening.

The girl already knew that he was leaving.She wore BLUE JEANS & RED T-SHIRT as red is the color of attraction & he was coming to her house so red was the best choice, that color would make the boy ATTENTIVE towards her.

He wore BLACK SUIT with RED TIE.he didn't used his dress sense ...actually long before, she had told him that it was the most preffered dress by WOMEN.

Her family welcomed him & they all sat for lunch.

She served him , his favourite dish 'PASTA with RAY FISH'. He became delighted & everybody started eating & enjoying that small HAPPY TIME.

After lunch her father asked him,"When will you return from ITALY,son ?, atleast be on time on your WEDDING DAY."

He replied in a joking mood,"No,dad,i will not return from there.I will be marrying an ITALIAN GIRL."

It was actually a joke, everybody started laughing, but she became angry & directly went into kitchen & started washing the dishes, & the dishes were making lots of noise.

Her father said,"Go son make her happy.....these women are very sensitive."

Her mother retaliated,"What sensitive, we just express our LOVE, but you MEN will never understand....son , she is very upset as you are leaving, so pleass..."

He interrupted ," Ya,I understand, what you said."

Both her father & mother left home for wedding shopping.

He went into the kitchen & HUGGED her from backside & started combing her hair with his fingers & said,"Why are you upset ?"

"pleeeease don,t go."said she in a very lovely woman voice.

He said in a loud voice,"Ok, now i am going to DIE under your arms ....happy !!!", he removed her hair gently, put the NECKLACE & KISSED her neck.

PAX means KISS of PEACE, he was the KING of her HEART & whenever he KISSED her, she felt PEACE inside her SOUL, therefore she saved his name as 'PAXKING'.

She kissed back & went to her bedroom. The boy followed her & both of them started lovers' chit chat of long hours.

The girl was rotating the ENGAGEMENT RING, he catched her hand & KISSED the ring, then the girl started CRYING he wiped her tears with his lips & kissed her RED LIPS. They both then entered into the HEAVEN OF LOVE without knowing that, that happiest moment would soon going to be washed away.

The building started shaking due to EARTHQUAKE, but they hadn't felt it because, they were feeling LOVE that hadn't happened before. After sometime the GIANT WAVE of TSUNAMI washed away the whole city....but.....they had already entered into the DEEP OCEAN of LOVE.

The RESCUE TEAM was searching for LIVES, they found that a girl having intensive injury, holding a dead body of a boy under her arms & crying......but....that time he was not alive to wipe her tears & peace her SOUL.




Monday, February 21, 2011


After submitting the answer sheets, i rushed outside the examination hall. I started searching HER in the whole campus, but she was not there, then i asked my friend,"Have you seen HER?"

He said,"Who?"

I replied,"The most beautiful GIRL of our college."

He said,"Oh ......that GIRL....she just went outside the college."

I said,"Thanx buddy!!!"

Then i rushed to parking, took out the BIKE and with high speed went out of college.

I thought she had gone with her uncle on his bike....but....i was wrong, she was WALKING. I didn't asked any question to HER. why SHE preferred WALKING beside AUTO.

I stopped the bike & said,"Come on sit !!!"

She responded,"NO, i can go."

As expected answer 'NO'. We all know girls' answers NO,NO,NO and only NO.

I shouted,"Oh..!!!! come on, don't act as a Foolish Girl.....sit."

I continued,"OK..!!! fine,if you will not sit then i am going to make inferences about u."

She asked,"What inferences?"

I answered,"No:1- you STUDY but you don't apply it in your life.
No:2- if you don't apply KNOWLEDGE in your life then you are not LEARNING.
No:3- if you are not learning then that means, you are not actually studying i.e you are just studying for the sake of EXAMINATION."

She said,"APPLICATION of KNOWLEDGE is the ultimate GOAL of LEARNING(studying)?"

I replied,"Exactly...!!!...we study so that we can make our lives we have just given our ECONOMICS EXAM, it is obvious that we should follow the line 'LESS RESOURCES BETTER UTILIZATION' if i am offering you LIFT, you should accept it, because it will save your transportation cost by 100% i.e FREE HOME DELIVERY."

She said in loud voice with HER big SMILE,"NO...!!!"

At that moment, i felt that all my EXPLANATIONS were waste.

I requested HER,"Pleeeeeeease...,!!!"

She said,"go SULTAN ....why are you.....?"

I interrupted,"I am not listening just sit...ok."

Then SHE started her own explanations or i can say 'the ART of saying NO'.

She said,"as you said that we study to make our lives better."

I said,"Ya...!!!"

She told me,"Then you know that petrol is non renewable resources."

I replied,"Ya...!!!"

"so we should try to save that as possible we can do."

I said in a hurry,"YA, i know....when you will sit, i will drive my bike at ECONOMY speed,i promise that i will not increase the speed more than the economy's a PUKKA promise."

She started laughing and said,"Mr. KHAN's promise ....Oh my GOD!!!!!"

I know it was a comment for me, but i replied,"Really....and you know what?"

She asked,"What?"

I answered,"I will not use the FRONT DISC BRAKE during the ride."

She said,"Oh!!! really."

I said,"Ya....and..HONESTLY speaking.... this is not a promise."

She asked,"What is it?"

I answered,"A COMMITMENT."

She was amazed and said,"Oh my GOD, i can't believe this." and she started laughing with the top of HER voice.

I requested her,"Come on yaaaar !!!! believe me atleast for now."


I showed my consent,"Right, use it in your life."

She said me,"Without using a single drop of petrol, you can do your work, Mr. KHAN."

I asked,"How?"

She said,"By WALKING."

I was shocked,"By WALKING ????"

She said,"Yep..!!!......"

She continued,"....and you know what? is good for your health as well....and...."

I interrupted,"and what?"

She answered,"ECO-FRIENDLY."...and she started laughing again.

Then after hearing HER explanations, without thinking or any extra effort of convincing HER, i put the BIKE on stand and started WALKING with HER..........


I know that after reading the above story , you are thinking ,why i LEFT the bike....... because it was not mine...but my friend's bike...and.... he had the EXTRA KEY.


The next chapter 'A WALK OF HAPPINESS' is under construction..I will be releasing it very


Tuesday, January 18, 2011



Those who say that they have not fallen in LOVE, they are liars .Everybody in his/her life at some stage, has fallen in LOVE but some express it and some don't.Nobody is untouched by it.

It has the strength to convert EMOTIONS from positive to negative and vice versa.

When we fall in LOVE, our behaviour changes at all.We see the world as HEAVEN and everything seems positive to us.we become OPTIMISTIC PERSON and create positive vibrations all over the environment.We don't see whether our LOVED ONE is a HINDU or MUSLIM or CHRISTAN.

Just to get a GLIMPSE of the LOVED ONE the LOVER is ready to loose anything like, breakfast, lunch, school,college,tution and even money.but more important than that TIME.


I always hear this line.TIME go faster than money but what i think as a LOVER 'MONEY can be brought but not TIME or i can say 'TIME of LOVE'.

"Oh !!! what's the TIME???  I have to go, SHE will be going to college, I have to REACH there earlier."

Don't worry, I am not going right now, I m just telling that I always use this  generic of  LOVERs.That's why, I wear a 'WRIST WATCH'.It always help me a lot in reaching the 'GLIMPSE POINT' before TIME.

As a student of FINANCE, i invest MONEY to get more MONEY.But as a LOVER, i invest TIME to get more LOVE.

TIME is precious than MONEY, LOVE is more precious than anything in LIFE.

So, to get the precious, we should invest the precious i.e to get precious LOVE, we should invest precious TIME.

2nd stage: EXPRESSION

EXPRESSION of love is the most difficult task.We always have a fear ,whether he/she will accept our proposal or not.Here we become OPTIMIST + PESSIMIST, both at the same time.

When we think about the answer 'YES' we become optimist, but the same time, thinking about 'NO', we become pessimist.We are bold and at the same time we are afraid.This is the most crucial stage of love, as this only decides that whether we will enter either into heaven or hell

We use various measures to express our love.We become creative at this stage.We design LETTERS,GIFTS,SPEECHES....WEAR attractive clothes like T-shirts with quotation like.."YOUR SMILE MAKES ME HAPPY"......I SEE MY WHOLE WORLD INTO YOUR EYES"......MARRIAGE IS A GOOD THING FOR ME IF IT IS WITH YOU".....Our whole personality changes as well as the way of THINKING.

We take lots of advices from our friends, whether we should PROPOSE or not?

some friends say "go and tell boldly, I LOVE YOU!!"
SOME SAY "go and say, I LIKE YOU!!"
some say "ask to be a friend"

But whatever advices we get, the ultimate decision lies on our desk,we have to take the final decision.

DECISION in LOVE. oh my GOD!!!

My advice to all LOVERS that listen to everyone but take your own decision, because you are the only one who has the fear of loosing love.And i say, seriously, loosing love creates enormous PSYCHOLOGICAL EFFECTS

I will write more on this subject,LOVE.

Now, i stop writing otherwise you will all get bored and say "AREY BAHUT PAKATA HAI"

Enjoy LIFE as a LOVER and LOVE as LIFE

I am enjoying my LOVE as a LOVER.!!!