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I ate the breakfast with kheer, which i had requested my mother last night to prepare for me & told her to pack it in a tiffin box & then i took my bag and put the tiffin in it and started my bike and went straight to her house and gifted her the SWEET GIFT.

She asked ,"what is this?"

I replied ,"KHEER"

She said ,"for me !!!"
I said ,"no ,it's for your cat "
She said ,"what?"
I started calling ,"MEW,MEW,MEW...",then i said ," ofcourse it's for you ,after all you have taught me how to cook it."

She asked ,"have you made it ?",and started laughing with her top voice.

I replied ,"yes, i have used all tools and techniques as you have taught me."

She ate a teaspoonful of KHEER and gave a sweet SMILE ...after all the KHEER was sweet.

If i would have told her that my mother had cooked it then i would not have seen that SWEET PRICELESS SMILE her two pinkish chicks.

She called all her family members and told evryone that i had made the KHEER by using the tools and techniques what she had taught me.Everyone had started laughing and i was happy that she was also laughing but i was also sad at the same time because others were making fun of me .....I was pretending that i was laughing but as she saw my eyes, she understood my feeling because she know how to read the eyes and she always used to tell ,"EYES are the MIRROR of HEART."

She managed the sitution and told everybody to leave the room by saying them that we had to study alot and she also said everybody that not to disturb us while we would be studying.

She told her mother ,"MOM, SULTAN ke liye bhi khana bana dijiyega.",then everybody went outside the room.

we started studying our academic books .....but.....because i was in hurry,i forgot to bring the notes which i had got in college so for that instance i was thinking that she would become angry as she had told me to bring it.

I said ," SORRY.....yaar..i forgot to bring the notes that professor had time i will not forgot ...PROMISE...PROMISE.....pukka."

She said ,"you did promise last time also."

I became silent for that instance.

She said ,"Always take CARE of three things,SULTAN....(1) TRUST....(2)PROMISE......(3)RELATIONSHIP...because they don't make noise when they break."

I said ,"you say so SWEET things where you have learned all this."

She replied ," i am saying sweet things because i have just eaten the sweet KHEER."

I said ,"Thank god i have not forgotten to add sugar into the kheer...otherwise !!!"

She asked ,"otherwise ...what??"

I said ,"forget it !!!"

She asked again in laughing ,"no,no, tell me what ...otherwise ???"

I again said ,"forget it."

Then We had just started FIGHTING using words with each other.

HER mother came with two cups of tea on a tray and knocked the door and said ,"May i disturb you?"

I said ,"ofcourse you can.".....then i said ,"do you know aunty, i love my AMMI (mother) very much ....i mean to say more than anything else." , then i commented ,"i hate one PERSON most."

Her mother asked in laughing ,"whom you hate so much?"

She understood the meaning.

I replied ,"your daughter."

Her mother said ,"why son?, she is such a SWEET girl."

I said ,"don't go on her sweet face aunty.....she is very dangerous....i hate her very much."

She became angry.

Her mother and i started laughing.

She asked me ,"Can i ask you one question Mr. KHAN ?"

I said ," will be my pleasure."

She asked ,"What's the reason of HATRED ?"

I said ,"aunty ,she didn't help me in the exam but i always helped her."

She siad ,"What a Liar you are ?"

i said ,"Thank you MADAM ....thank you very much."

HER mother smiled and asked her ,"why you didn't help him....he is such a nice boy."

I said to aunty ,"thank you Mam."

She said ,"don't believe him, MOM ,he is a liar."

i said ,"you are telling me a Liar ..actually aunty she is a Liar."

She became angry ,"don't call me Liar ....otherwise !!!!"

I asked ,"otherwise.....what?"

She grabbed my neck with her two hands and started pressing with intense pressure.

I said ,"aunty me."

Aunty said ,"ok drop this topic and drink your tea."

She said ," no, i am going to kill him right now ....i always helped him in the exam ....and he is telling that i don't help him.....i will kill him."

I said ," ok....ok...i am sorry."

Aunty scolded her to leave me.She became Emotional and said ,"MOM, why are you scolding me ? are not saying anything to him !!!"

As i saw her face , i took the cup of tea and asked her ...but ....she refused it in angry..then i said in very emotional voice ,"i am sorry."

She turned her face to otherway and i said ,"ok, i agree that i am a Liar and you have helped me a lot in the please take this cup of tea."

She turned her face to her mother and said ,"have you heard that ?.....and now you believe that i always helped him."

Aunty said ,"ok,now stop fighting and concentrate on your studies...and ....SULTAN.....what would you like to eat in lunch?"

I replied ,"whatever you give should be FAT FREE."

Aunty laughed and asked ,"why fat free ....are you in dieting ?"

I answered ,"no, i am not in dieting .....i just don't want to become like your daughter."

Aunty went out laughing.

As aunty went out she jumped upon me and started beating me with the book. At First i was defending my self but then i remembered the line ....'ATTACK IS THE BEST DEFENCE' then i retaliated, i took the pillow and started attacking on her.....



BOYS :- Never say that girls don't help.

GIRLS :- Always fight for TRUTH and please eat LOW FAT foods.

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Chapter Name:- MY SUFFER,a painful Journey ...........Chapter No: 13

1)Before reading this post First read the chapter no: 3, JAB WE MET...then only you can under stand about the GIRL, i am talking in this chapter.

During Journey from FANCY MARKET to AIRPORT , i SUFFERed,a great difficulties on my way , actually it was a Journey of 4 Integrated journies .I had all the regarding information ,how to reach the airport.

I took a Bus from FANCY market to ESPLANADE...BUT.....guess what happened .......i chose the wrong bus and that cost me very much , i reached ESPLANADE in 45 minutes by it. If i would have taken the right BUS , i would have reached in 15 minutes......In short a Total LOSS of 30 mins.

When i reached ESPLANADE i rushed to catch the METRO train but the two guards at the entrance gate stopped me and started frisking me and my RED SEXY BAG and ,after that they asked me my name .

"My name is KHAN , SULTAN KHAN ,and i am not a TERRORIST." said i, with a smiling face.I said in such a tone that they both started laughing and asked me, "Where are you going , boy ?"

I answered ,"I have to go to DUM-DUM."
One of them said,"Oh! DUM-DUM."
I asked ,"Can you please tell me , how can i reach there ?"
the Other one said,"Ya,sure !" and they started explaining me the route .Whatever they had said to me , i didn't understand because they explained me in BENGALI and that language is like GREEK & FRENCH to me.

They said,"HAPPY JOURNEY!"
I said ,"Happy Journey .......Teri _ , _ , _." (these blank spaces represent 'GAALies' english we say 'ABUSES' fill the blanks with your own Favorite GAALies to add spices to the STORY.)

They asked," What you said ?"
I answered,"Thank you & Good-Bye,GENTLEMEN. "

I rushed to the ticket counter but it was usless , there was a long queue of men, i saw the electronic Board displaying
'Train to DUM-DUM at 17:43 '

when i saw my watch ,it was 17:40, so , i used my MANAGEMENT SKILL. I went towards the women line and started persuading a women to buy a ticket for me.
I knew ' Women help others ,after they help themselves'
Exactly the same thing happened .After buying her ticket and her friend's ticket.......& .......for her friend's two children, she bought the ticket for me, but i succeeded in getting the ticket by 17:42,then the next obstacle confronted was the ticket checking MACHINE can't imagine what happened with me...........the machine was defunct.

It was not the fault of the the machine , actually it was my fault , i entered the ticket in the wrong way . I got scared at that moment and started thinking that i would MISS the 'JAB WE MET ' GIRL, but there was a technician for a NOVICE ,he helped me and then i reached the platform in 17:44.I thought that the train was gone and then i would have to wait for another 10 mins for the next train , but ALHAMDO LILLAH ( thank Almighty God), the train was 2 mins late.The train reached the platform at 17:45. I boarded into the train with great difficulties because of the crowd you know the 'BENGALI BEED BHAAD'.

Inside the train there was a group of 4 SEXY & BEAUTIFUL girls and they were enjoying the time . i thought that i should also join them but i Ignored them because at the airport i was going to meet ,the SEXIEST girl of all of them.My phone rang and the Sexiext Voice asked ,"Where are you ?, i have been waiting for you sice 2 hours."
I said,"I am in metro train ,proceeding towards DUM-DUM and the most exciting thing is that i have four SEXY girls with me in my Journey."

She said angrily,"OK, then ENJOY with them and i am not going to call u any more."
I said ,"Don't become angry ..yaar..i am just kidding."
She said in very lovely voice,"come soon, i am at KINGFISHER counter TERMINAL no:1."

After SUFFERing ( a painful journey ) of 20 mins i reached DUM-DUM .there i asked the rickshaw-wala about the address of airport.He told me that he could drop me there ,then i asked the fare.
He told ," Rs 80....only."

I took out the INFORMATION paper.......whatever my staff had told me ,i had written it on a was written
3) DUM-DUM to AIRPORT stoppage ( by BUS)

As i was at DUM-DUM at that time therefore ,i IGNORED the rickshaw-wala, i took the bus and reached the airport stoppage, there , i met another rikshaw-wala and asked him ,"how much will you take for the TERMINAL GATE."
he said,"Rs 15. "

I sat on it and reached the AIRPORT at 18:45, after the last SUFFERage of 15 mins.

Through all her WAITING time, she had called atleast 20 times and i deduced by HUMAN LOGIC that she must had become ANGRY ......ANGRY......&......very ANGRY

When i reached the KINGFISHER counter,TERMINAL no:1 , she was not there.My HEART started beating fast and faster.There was huge crowd of people and every seconds many CARS were traversing,then i used my two lovely, shining,& sparkling eyes like the CCTV cameras ,just to search her in the crowd ,but tht was usless .I was running HERE &THERE ,so that i could find her ,but in vain.Icould't call her because there was no BALANCE in my mobile.Then i tried to enter the LOBBY of the airport where all the PASSENGERS were waiting BUT....................

The guards did'nt allow me and they showed me a SIGN BOARD ,on it was written
So i tried to peek through the GLASS WALLS. I was desparetly trying to get a glimpse of her.
I closed my CCTV cameras...i mean to say my lovely ,shining & sparkling EYES and i started PRAYING to ALMIGHTY GOD.
Then i opened my eyes and .....GUESS .....what happened ?,yes, exactly ,i saw a glimpse of HER , in blue dress with a big bag on her shoulder and lots of luggage on her trolly , she was giving a paper to the officer .she entered the checking depertment .Icouldn't cry her name because all of it happened a FLASH.
I become very disappointed and took an OATH that ' i will use TAXI to reach the airport in 'FUTURE' then i took out a BIG CADBURY celebration pack from my RED SEXY BAG ........OH! ....i forgot to tell you that i brought this big cadbury celebration pack for her as a sweet FAREWELL GIFT .....but .... i couldn't give HER,so i started eating on HER behalf.As i was EATING & ENJOYING the taste of the chocolate ,a MESSAGE came in my phone.
Simply B'ful Lines
We MEET 2 create MEMORIES &
We DEPART 2 preserve them.
2 MEET & DEPART is the WAY of LIFE
TO GIRLS :- Don't become ANGRY as Boys have to SUFFER a lot
TO BOYS :- Always take a TAXI ....yaaar reach the AIRPORT on time.

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Before reading plz read first the chapterno:3, JAB WE MET........otherwise you will not understand the story 'KHUSHI bole to HAPPINESS'.

I have the habbit of sleeping more . I woke up at 12 pm, as i have studied till 4 o'clock .I have studied it not beacause that i was a PADHAKU but because i was having a fear that i would fail in the EXAM .The reason of my fear were as following
1) I have not studied for the whole year about AUDITING,as i was only knowing the meaning of auditing ,which means to CHECK.
2) The PADOSI of mine i.e. the GIRL in the examination hall was also not a PADHAKU.

Actually i want to tell the truth. I woke up at 12 pm not because of my own ability but my GIRLFRIEND had called and the ring tone of my mobile was 'PHONE UTTHAO,PHONE UTTHAO,RING BAJRAHA HAI.' ........What are you thinking right now,yes ,you are right main Phone ko nahi balki Phone mujhe uttha raha tha.

Actually according to my perception phone was not my reminder but that was my girlfriend. This was only the Quality of my girlfriend i always Appreciated and in future INSHA ALLAH i will be appreciating it .

TAMANNA ,that was her name ,the meaning of the name is 'WISH' .I always thanked her for Reminding me for the trivials, but she always said to me "It's my Pleasure."
Whenever she said this line i always laughed, i thought 'whats the pleasure in reminding a person.'
I told her, 'What pleasure do you get in reminding.'
She answered, ' The pleasure is not in reminding but it is in CARING a person, we LOVE.'
I used to laugh and tell her the definition of LOVE.
According to me ' Love is an aggressive desire to get somthing we want.'
As i followed one line from my schooltime 'Example is better than perception' so i gave her an example.

'we always see that children love toys and they aggressively try to get it but as they get it and after playibg some time with it ,either they break it or don't play with it.'

It was an Ironically explained to her .
She uunderstood the meaning of the example.

She replied, "You have given the example which is of boys and not of girls .' She continued "girls when choose their Doll (toy) ,they play with it and always take care of it .they are not like boys, who plays with their cars (toy) and after seeing another car they break the former car just to play with the new one."

She become like a teacher for that instance and started explaining me the THEORY of LOVE.
She continued , "You have only explained the one face of the coin (love) ,the other foce ,i will explain you."

she became very aggressive in her explanation.

She continued "the other face is that after getting your loved one you have to care about him/her.If you will not take care then the relationship becomes weak & weaker and the time will come when it breaks and then the person ,you once loved will start hating you."

She didn't stop

She continued ,"Love makes the Relation and Caring manages the relationship, let me explain you in your way ."
i asked ,"what my way."
She answered ,"Example is better than perception."
I asked her to give the example .

she said ,"as you are an MBA aspirant ."

I said," So what ?"
She said ," So if you want to sustain in a job of LOVE COMPANY then you should do MBA ,specialisation in CARING."

I laughed with the top of my voice and said to her,"then you should also do MBA in CARING."

She replied ,"i don,t need it."
I asked ,"why?"

She answered," I have already done the Fellowship in caring."
I laughed with the full sound of my voice again.

She scolded me ,"Don't laugh so much ,my Prince Charm,you are late for your Exam."

I suddenly saw my Watch .It was 12:30 .My mind got blast because only half an hour was left and i had to go long distance.The problem was not being late but because i have not revised my answers yet.It were those answers which i learned last night.

I cried,"Oh shit!!! ab kya hoga , main to kaaam se gaya ,meri to waat lagne waali hai iss exam mein."

After hearing this statement she started laughing with the top of her voice ,but controlling her laugh she advised me.


To Girls - Always help your Boyfriend in Remembring.
To Boys- Always have at least one Girlfriend.

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