Saturday, November 16, 2013


When I first bought my cricket bat, my brother told me that if i would remove the sticker, the bat would look like Sachin's Bat...So i did it...

When I bought my second bat, I chose the heaviest one among the collection, because i knew that Sachin loved to bat with the heaviest one...and...the experience of Batting with the Heavy Bat was so wonderful that from then on, I always played with the heavy weighted bat...

My Last Bat

When I created my first social network account on ORKUT, I made Sachin's photo, as my first profile pic...

My Orkut Profile Pic

When I created my first Blog in 2008...I used Sachin's Photo

My First Blog Photo

When I created my FB account, again i used Sachin's photo as my first profile pic...

My First FB profile Pic

Sachin's Farewell Speech

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