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STORY...When I saw her after 2 years
The Tears were dropping from her eyes, I wiped her tears by my hand and in a very low confidence voice I said, “I left my job in Kolkata and today I have nothing to give you a luxurious life”

And then I started crying in a way that I never cried before in my life ever because I was so demotivated due to financial crisis after leaving the job.

She shook her head in a way that it was a sign telling me, ‘Sultan, don’t cry, Sultan, don’t cry’ and then she grabbed me by her both hands and put her head on my chest.

In stammering voice I said, “I can’t buy…buy…buy a big house for you and I can’t, I can’t, take you abroad for vacation.” Then tears from my eyes dropped on her cheek.

She locked my lips by placing her fingers on it and directed me not say any word.
She took out her earphone and put on my right ear and another one on her left ear and by her right palm she closed my eyes slowly and then played the song.

TERA SAATH HAI TO MUJHE KYA KAMI HAI                                          

We were both silent and concentrating the wordings of the song.
After the song ended, I heard her voice after such a long time, suddenly I opened my eyes
She said, “I am not worried of low money life but I am afraid of low love life.”
I asked, “Can you repeat it, again!!!”
She replied, “Duffer!!! Close your eyes and listen to the next song and forget about job.”
Then she played the song

After that I asked, “When I was away, how you felt during that time?”
Without saying anything she played the song

The song ended and I asked, “How many songs do you have in your mobile?”
She replied, “Around 500…”
I asked, “That means you face problem, every time in searching a particular song?”
She shook her head and said, “No!!!...I have organized all the songs in folders like ROMANTIC, SAD, MOTIVATIONAL…etc”

I was amazed and asked, “why so much songs?”

She said, “For every situation.”
In a joking manner I told her, “What will you hear if I leave you for a girl, more beautiful than you?”

She was shocked, “What???”

I repeated, “Suppose there is a situation when I leave you for a girl more beautiful than you then which song will you play?”

She was looking at me in an amazed way and asked in a high voice, “Who is SHE???” and she continued, “I will kill you Sultan, if you even think of any other girl.”
I stammered, “I,I,I, was just joking yaar…but… I was telling you to suppose it, then which song will you hear?”
She quickly browsed the sad folder and played the song

We both closed our eyes but this time she grabbed me tight, I felt that she was feeling insecured, so with my fingers I started playing with her hair.

After the song ended, I commented, “You have already thought about it, that’s why you have this song na…”

She turned to me with a smiling face and said, “Sultaaanji, ladko ka koi bharosa nahi hota, jahan khoobsurat ladki dekhi nahi ki, phisal jaate hai…isliye hum ladkiyon ko sab kuch soch kar rakhna padta hai…”

(Sultan, boys can't be trusted in this matter, they lose control over their mind and heart, when they see any beautiful girl and that's why we, girls have to think beyond their thought )

I said in forceful voice, “For your kind information, I would like to tell you that, when I first saw you, I was just 16 years old…”

She interrupted, “Ya ya ya 2004-1988=16”

I continued, “Since then, I have never seen any other girl in that way and you are telling me that…ladko ka koi bharosa nahi hota…” then I quoted the famous line, “THE BEAUTY LIES IN THE EYES OF THE BEHOLDER” and explained her, “I behold your beauty in my eyes and no girl in this world can take that place…”

I became silent for some moment

 Then I said in a very loving tone, “…because nobody is as beautiful as you in my eyes.”

She became sooo happy that she kissed me on my right cheek and said in jolly mood, “I remembered it Sultan, you were the only boy from Bishop Westcott, you were 16, your first day in school, it was FRIDAY, and you missed your Friday Prayer that day right???”

I nodded

She continued, “Aur  main uss Pahli Nazar (First Sight) ko kaisi bhool sakti hoon, jab tumne apne inn motiyon jaisi aankhon se mujhe pahli baar dekha tha.”

( How could I forget your First Sight on me with your Pearl Eyes)

And she further said, “I have a very lovely song for this situation…”

I interrupted, “oh my God…phir se ek gaana???...no, no, no, please.”

She insisted me in loving voice, “you have to listen, it’s a very romantic song and I dedicate you this song for your Pahli Nazar.”
And finally she played the evergreen song

The evening air became chilled, the bus catched the highway, she was feeling cold because she was on window seat, so I put off my coat and offered her but she refused by saying, “No, no, I am ok.” But I put it on her shoulder without taking her consent.
She smiled and quickly played the song

After sometime she asked me, “Sultan, why you came back???”
I was speechless by that question but after thinking little bit I answered her in a musical way, I sang the line


She started laughing because of my bad voice and crazy style, then I suddenly downloaded a song and transferred it to her mobile through Bluetooth and played the song

The bus reached the college, the time had come to say goodbye to each other, she was insisting me but I was not leaving her hand.

I requested her, “Tell something, I want to listen, your voice.”

She said, “Bike dheeray chalaya karo, jis tarah se tum aaj bike chala rahe the, agar dobara chalaya to…”

I interrupted her, “Kyun dheerey chalaon?”

She scolded me, “Tumhe to apni fikr hai nahi, but, mujhe tumhari fikr hai…”

Her friend came and said, “Let’s go, we are getting late”

I became emotional that time, wrote my number on her palm but she commanded me to write on her wrist, so I again wrote it on her wrist and sang the song


As I was leaving the gate of the college we both waved our hands and I came out of the college, after walking some step, I received a message

“Dedicating to the KING of MY HEART
Singer:- SHADAB



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