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STORY...When I saw her after 2 years


A black Honda Activa stoped & a voice asked, “what are you doing?”

I turned and shouted, “ Hey GOLU!!! How are you?”

GOLU, was my school time friend, we met in Computer Tution Class. She was humourous and having a chubby look with round smiling face that’s why we all friends called her GOLU.

She answered, “ Fine, but what are you doing in the middle of the road?”

I replied, “I will explain you latter, now I am in hurry, I have to follow that Yellow Bus.”
She shifted to the back seat and I drove the bike.

After reaching to bus I shouted with loud voice, "Stop the bus, stop the Bus, right now.”

The Bus Driver said, “No!!!”

I replied, “If you will not stop, I will bring my bike in front of your bus & you will be held responsible for my death.”

He said, “oh crazy boy, don’t do that.”

Everybody in that bus was amazed. She was looking at me through the window in a very curious manner.

Golu started shouting in fear, “I don’t want to die, I don’t want to die.”

I again said, “will you stop it or not?”

He angrily said, “Ok!!! Ok!!!”

I ordered him, “then stop the bus immediately.”

The bus was stopped & I told my friend Golu to go home safely, then I boarded into the bus.

Everybody was looking at me with one question in their eyes that, why I have acted in that crazy way?

When I saw her she suddenly started looking outside the window and trying to cover up her emotions due to my presence, after two years in such an unexpected way.

Controlling my feelings I put a smile on my face and requested the girl sitting next to Her, “If you don’t mind, mam, may I sit with Her?”

She responded, “No!!!”

I begged, “Pleeease Mam, you are a girl, you can understand Her feeling that She will feel better, sitting with me because it’s been a very long time for both of us sitting together.”

She showed her consent but asked me for the compensation, “What will I get for sacrificing my place?”

I thought for a moment & replied, “Good Question…ahh...I will mention your name in my Story.” And I flirted with her, “by the way what’s your sweet name, mam?"

Everybody started shouting, “Ammaji, Ammaji…!!!”

She was embarrassed by that name and scolded to all, “shut up, shut up, you all morons and disgusting people.”

Everyone was laughing except me because if I would have laughed then I wouldn't get the seat.”

She turned to me, “Your offer is interesting…My name is SONALI and what’s your name?”

I answered, “Sultan”

She asked, “Sultan Mirza?”

I replied, “NO, No, No, Sultan Khan.”

She smiled and said, “Ohhh…nice name”

I responded, “Thankyou Mam!!!”

I offered her my hand so that I can escort her to another seat.

Then I sat next to my Girl and started looking her face, seeing her face after such a long time was like shifting into Heaven from Hell.

She was looking outside the window but I was looking her Innocent beauty and thinking that how stupid I was while taking a decision two years ago. I was cursing myself for that, but now I reverted to the right path.

At that moment of time I realized that I don’t care about the Destination if She is with me in the journey of my life.

I didn’t have any words to convince her and make her smile.

We both were silent

I asked her, “ Kaisi ho?” (How are you?)

She didn’t give any reply.

I said in high voice, “Come on atleast reply to do, mujhe tumhari bahut fikr hoti hai.”
(Come on, atleast reply to me, I care a lot about you)

She turned her face towards me and I saw her eyes were wet, so I lowered my voice and again asked, “Tum kaisi ho? Pleeease tell me, mera mann ghabra raha hai.”
(How are you? Pleeese tell me, my heart is beating high)

But all my attempt of asking her were in vain.

Interpreting ‘Silence of a woman’ is the difficult task rather I would say the impossible task.

Her Silence was shaking my consciousness and crushing my mind from all 4 sides.
I knew that she was very hurt but she was hiding her angry behind her silence.

She was not telling me anything because she didn't want to hurt me by words but she knew not that her Silence was like a sharpen knife, cutting my heart into pieces and the pain was intolerable for me.

I slowly touched her and looked into her eyes but again she shifted her face away from me and I saw that tears started dropping from her eyes. I couldn't explain about the pain I felt that time, so then I decided to punish myself.

Though she was resisting, I took her right hand, with singing a song (Kuch iss tarah, Atif Aslam) by my both hands, kissed it and slapped on my left cheek & then I took her left hand, kissed it and slapped on my right cheek.

I repeated the act second time she shook her head in denial and resisting hard that meant she didn't want me to hurt but I didn't stop and I again repeated for the third time and tears dropped from my eyes on her hand.

After seeing my tears her Lips started trembling.

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