Wednesday, April 27, 2011


India, soon is going to have a consolidation era in TELECOM field.

1. All the BIG players want to become no:1 company, but many SMALL player are giving them tough competition and taking out their expected PROFITS or i can say they are creating obstacles in BIGGERS way of success.

This consolidation situation will arise because of tough competition and in becoming no:1, the BIG players will first target to the small players, and this will be a great kind of thing for small players, because they will get good market value in a very short term, they even know that they can't survive when the BIG FISHES are already fighting among themselves in PRICE WAR.

The TELECOM players change their plans just like MODELS change their cloths.

2. Many global telecom players are keen to enter the Indian market because they know that he population is huge and that makes India a huge market for them, but they can't enter in dirctly. they should consolidate with already existing players.

3. Many domestic companies working in other sectors are also trying to start telecom business and some of them have already started their operation.

So, to exist in Indian telecom sector in near future, where price war has already started .............CONSOLIDATION is the only SOLUTION.


I have just started ANALYSING A a company,ECLERX...( advised by my friend VINIT KESHAW ) .....but my exam is on my way.....i just hope that i can post very soon about that company.

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