Saturday, March 19, 2011


JAPAN 12:15am

A call came on her phone & the name displayed was 'PAXKING'. She attended the call & the voice from other side said,"HAPPY B'DAY.", after hearing that, she smiled & said angrily,"So late !!! what were you doing?"

the boy started thinking for a good reason. As we all know girls always hate waiting, and her LOVER BOY made her to wait 15 mins, can you imagine 15 mins ???......oh my God!!!

The boy replied,"Sorry!!!"

She said in angry,"What sorry? tell me the reason."

he said,"Actually my WRIST WATCH time is 15 mins slower than the actual time."

She advised him,"oh Mr.LOVER BOY always be on time."

He showed his consent,"Ya, i will follow your words MADAM."

They started chit chatting of long hours.

They boy said,"Ok listen, i have made a plan of celebrating your b'day."

She asked,"What's the plan ?"

He replied,"Well !! that's a secret."

She asked like a child,"mmmhh plz tell na !!"

He said,"See you in your house in the afternoon, god ny8 .....bye...bye." & disconnected the call.

The boy reached her house so that he can give her the SURPRISE GIFT as soon as possible, because he was leaving JAPAN in the evening.

The girl already knew that he was leaving.She wore BLUE JEANS & RED T-SHIRT as red is the color of attraction & he was coming to her house so red was the best choice, that color would make the boy ATTENTIVE towards her.

He wore BLACK SUIT with RED TIE.he didn't used his dress sense ...actually long before, she had told him that it was the most preffered dress by WOMEN.

Her family welcomed him & they all sat for lunch.

She served him , his favourite dish 'PASTA with RAY FISH'. He became delighted & everybody started eating & enjoying that small HAPPY TIME.

After lunch her father asked him,"When will you return from ITALY,son ?, atleast be on time on your WEDDING DAY."

He replied in a joking mood,"No,dad,i will not return from there.I will be marrying an ITALIAN GIRL."

It was actually a joke, everybody started laughing, but she became angry & directly went into kitchen & started washing the dishes, & the dishes were making lots of noise.

Her father said,"Go son make her happy.....these women are very sensitive."

Her mother retaliated,"What sensitive, we just express our LOVE, but you MEN will never understand....son , she is very upset as you are leaving, so pleass..."

He interrupted ," Ya,I understand, what you said."

Both her father & mother left home for wedding shopping.

He went into the kitchen & HUGGED her from backside & started combing her hair with his fingers & said,"Why are you upset ?"

"pleeeease don,t go."said she in a very lovely woman voice.

He said in a loud voice,"Ok, now i am going to DIE under your arms ....happy !!!", he removed her hair gently, put the NECKLACE & KISSED her neck.

PAX means KISS of PEACE, he was the KING of her HEART & whenever he KISSED her, she felt PEACE inside her SOUL, therefore she saved his name as 'PAXKING'.

She kissed back & went to her bedroom. The boy followed her & both of them started lovers' chit chat of long hours.

The girl was rotating the ENGAGEMENT RING, he catched her hand & KISSED the ring, then the girl started CRYING he wiped her tears with his lips & kissed her RED LIPS. They both then entered into the HEAVEN OF LOVE without knowing that, that happiest moment would soon going to be washed away.

The building started shaking due to EARTHQUAKE, but they hadn't felt it because, they were feeling LOVE that hadn't happened before. After sometime the GIANT WAVE of TSUNAMI washed away the whole city....but.....they had already entered into the DEEP OCEAN of LOVE.

The RESCUE TEAM was searching for LIVES, they found that a girl having intensive injury, holding a dead body of a boy under her arms & crying......but....that time he was not alive to wipe her tears & peace her SOUL.




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