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I ate the breakfast with kheer, which i had requested my mother last night to prepare for me & told her to pack it in a tiffin box & then i took my bag and put the tiffin in it and started my bike and went straight to her house and gifted her the SWEET GIFT.

She asked ,"what is this?"

I replied ,"KHEER"

She said ,"for me !!!"
I said ,"no ,it's for your cat "
She said ,"what?"
I started calling ,"MEW,MEW,MEW...",then i said ," ofcourse it's for you ,after all you have taught me how to cook it."

She asked ,"have you made it ?",and started laughing with her top voice.

I replied ,"yes, i have used all tools and techniques as you have taught me."

She ate a teaspoonful of KHEER and gave a sweet SMILE ...after all the KHEER was sweet.

If i would have told her that my mother had cooked it then i would not have seen that SWEET PRICELESS SMILE her two pinkish chicks.

She called all her family members and told evryone that i had made the KHEER by using the tools and techniques what she had taught me.Everyone had started laughing and i was happy that she was also laughing but i was also sad at the same time because others were making fun of me .....I was pretending that i was laughing but as she saw my eyes, she understood my feeling because she know how to read the eyes and she always used to tell ,"EYES are the MIRROR of HEART."

She managed the sitution and told everybody to leave the room by saying them that we had to study alot and she also said everybody that not to disturb us while we would be studying.

She told her mother ,"MOM, SULTAN ke liye bhi khana bana dijiyega.",then everybody went outside the room.

we started studying our academic books .....but.....because i was in hurry,i forgot to bring the notes which i had got in college so for that instance i was thinking that she would become angry as she had told me to bring it.

I said ," SORRY.....yaar..i forgot to bring the notes that professor had time i will not forgot ...PROMISE...PROMISE.....pukka."

She said ,"you did promise last time also."

I became silent for that instance.

She said ,"Always take CARE of three things,SULTAN....(1) TRUST....(2)PROMISE......(3)RELATIONSHIP...because they don't make noise when they break."

I said ,"you say so SWEET things where you have learned all this."

She replied ," i am saying sweet things because i have just eaten the sweet KHEER."

I said ,"Thank god i have not forgotten to add sugar into the kheer...otherwise !!!"

She asked ,"otherwise ...what??"

I said ,"forget it !!!"

She asked again in laughing ,"no,no, tell me what ...otherwise ???"

I again said ,"forget it."

Then We had just started FIGHTING using words with each other.

HER mother came with two cups of tea on a tray and knocked the door and said ,"May i disturb you?"

I said ,"ofcourse you can.".....then i said ,"do you know aunty, i love my AMMI (mother) very much ....i mean to say more than anything else." , then i commented ,"i hate one PERSON most."

Her mother asked in laughing ,"whom you hate so much?"

She understood the meaning.

I replied ,"your daughter."

Her mother said ,"why son?, she is such a SWEET girl."

I said ,"don't go on her sweet face aunty.....she is very dangerous....i hate her very much."

She became angry.

Her mother and i started laughing.

She asked me ,"Can i ask you one question Mr. KHAN ?"

I said ," will be my pleasure."

She asked ,"What's the reason of HATRED ?"

I said ,"aunty ,she didn't help me in the exam but i always helped her."

She siad ,"What a Liar you are ?"

i said ,"Thank you MADAM ....thank you very much."

HER mother smiled and asked her ,"why you didn't help him....he is such a nice boy."

I said to aunty ,"thank you Mam."

She said ,"don't believe him, MOM ,he is a liar."

i said ,"you are telling me a Liar ..actually aunty she is a Liar."

She became angry ,"don't call me Liar ....otherwise !!!!"

I asked ,"otherwise.....what?"

She grabbed my neck with her two hands and started pressing with intense pressure.

I said ,"aunty me."

Aunty said ,"ok drop this topic and drink your tea."

She said ," no, i am going to kill him right now ....i always helped him in the exam ....and he is telling that i don't help him.....i will kill him."

I said ," ok....ok...i am sorry."

Aunty scolded her to leave me.She became Emotional and said ,"MOM, why are you scolding me ? are not saying anything to him !!!"

As i saw her face , i took the cup of tea and asked her ...but ....she refused it in angry..then i said in very emotional voice ,"i am sorry."

She turned her face to otherway and i said ,"ok, i agree that i am a Liar and you have helped me a lot in the please take this cup of tea."

She turned her face to her mother and said ,"have you heard that ?.....and now you believe that i always helped him."

Aunty said ,"ok,now stop fighting and concentrate on your studies...and ....SULTAN.....what would you like to eat in lunch?"

I replied ,"whatever you give should be FAT FREE."

Aunty laughed and asked ,"why fat free ....are you in dieting ?"

I answered ,"no, i am not in dieting .....i just don't want to become like your daughter."

Aunty went out laughing.

As aunty went out she jumped upon me and started beating me with the book. At First i was defending my self but then i remembered the line ....'ATTACK IS THE BEST DEFENCE' then i retaliated, i took the pillow and started attacking on her.....



BOYS :- Never say that girls don't help.

GIRLS :- Always fight for TRUTH and please eat LOW FAT foods.


  1. WOWWWWWWWWWWWW Mr.Khan...This is just incredible..How can a writer of your age could write so beautifully with all those emotions playing around...U are a prodigy destined to write....Hats Off to you..

  2. Creative,crystalline,impressive,efficacious.

  3. good one.... b der's a moral 4 guys too.. plz eat high protein diet :-)