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Before reading plz read first the chapterno:3, JAB WE MET........otherwise you will not understand the story 'KHUSHI bole to HAPPINESS'.

I have the habbit of sleeping more . I woke up at 12 pm, as i have studied till 4 o'clock .I have studied it not beacause that i was a PADHAKU but because i was having a fear that i would fail in the EXAM .The reason of my fear were as following
1) I have not studied for the whole year about AUDITING,as i was only knowing the meaning of auditing ,which means to CHECK.
2) The PADOSI of mine i.e. the GIRL in the examination hall was also not a PADHAKU.

Actually i want to tell the truth. I woke up at 12 pm not because of my own ability but my GIRLFRIEND had called and the ring tone of my mobile was 'PHONE UTTHAO,PHONE UTTHAO,RING BAJRAHA HAI.' ........What are you thinking right now,yes ,you are right main Phone ko nahi balki Phone mujhe uttha raha tha.

Actually according to my perception phone was not my reminder but that was my girlfriend. This was only the Quality of my girlfriend i always Appreciated and in future INSHA ALLAH i will be appreciating it .

TAMANNA ,that was her name ,the meaning of the name is 'WISH' .I always thanked her for Reminding me for the trivials, but she always said to me "It's my Pleasure."
Whenever she said this line i always laughed, i thought 'whats the pleasure in reminding a person.'
I told her, 'What pleasure do you get in reminding.'
She answered, ' The pleasure is not in reminding but it is in CARING a person, we LOVE.'
I used to laugh and tell her the definition of LOVE.
According to me ' Love is an aggressive desire to get somthing we want.'
As i followed one line from my schooltime 'Example is better than perception' so i gave her an example.

'we always see that children love toys and they aggressively try to get it but as they get it and after playibg some time with it ,either they break it or don't play with it.'

It was an Ironically explained to her .
She uunderstood the meaning of the example.

She replied, "You have given the example which is of boys and not of girls .' She continued "girls when choose their Doll (toy) ,they play with it and always take care of it .they are not like boys, who plays with their cars (toy) and after seeing another car they break the former car just to play with the new one."

She become like a teacher for that instance and started explaining me the THEORY of LOVE.
She continued , "You have only explained the one face of the coin (love) ,the other foce ,i will explain you."

she became very aggressive in her explanation.

She continued "the other face is that after getting your loved one you have to care about him/her.If you will not take care then the relationship becomes weak & weaker and the time will come when it breaks and then the person ,you once loved will start hating you."

She didn't stop

She continued ,"Love makes the Relation and Caring manages the relationship, let me explain you in your way ."
i asked ,"what my way."
She answered ,"Example is better than perception."
I asked her to give the example .

she said ,"as you are an MBA aspirant ."

I said," So what ?"
She said ," So if you want to sustain in a job of LOVE COMPANY then you should do MBA ,specialisation in CARING."

I laughed with the top of my voice and said to her,"then you should also do MBA in CARING."

She replied ,"i don,t need it."
I asked ,"why?"

She answered," I have already done the Fellowship in caring."
I laughed with the full sound of my voice again.

She scolded me ,"Don't laugh so much ,my Prince Charm,you are late for your Exam."

I suddenly saw my Watch .It was 12:30 .My mind got blast because only half an hour was left and i had to go long distance.The problem was not being late but because i have not revised my answers yet.It were those answers which i learned last night.

I cried,"Oh shit!!! ab kya hoga , main to kaaam se gaya ,meri to waat lagne waali hai iss exam mein."

After hearing this statement she started laughing with the top of her voice ,but controlling her laugh she advised me.


To Girls - Always help your Boyfriend in Remembring.
To Boys- Always have at least one Girlfriend.

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  1. I was awaiting this post of your's for such a long time...and as expected..the only words that came to my mind was..WOW!!!You have written it so beautifully..Great Work...I m your fan..Mr.Khan...

  2. nice posting my dear friend.......
    A great work from ur side but when did u get the time required to do these kind of comendable work???????????

  3. bhai mere......
    you have entered my name as scrutiniser.
    thanks for that
    but the thing of importance is that now every mistake of yours is laden on my shouldrs ....

  4. Thanks for taking out so much time...
    Its all my pleasure reading it.