Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Chapter name : JAB WE MET. chapter no: 3

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In 2006 i had taken admission in a college of a small town but unfortunately after three months i had shifted to Calcutta because of some reason .As i had joined in that town so i had to attend the exam there.

i remember my first exam of B.com I in Y.S. college where i saw a girl was waving her hand towards a man , had beard on his face & turban on his head .After five minutes i entered the examination hall and sat on my seat then the same girl entered that same examination hall and guess what ? ,she just sat on my front seat.i was sitting behind her and thinking that whether that man was her brother or boyfriend and whether she would help me or not, i was not prepared for that exam and as we know girls are more sincere in studies.

The exam started at one o'clock, as i saw the question paper ,i was petrified and started looking here and there and i saw that girl started writing and she was writing fast & fast just like a Super Fast Train.after half an hour i tried to solve the question by what i had studied from my teacher but that was not enough for me to pass because i used to attend hardly 2 or 3 classes in a month ,then i used my Common Sense to solve the questions but that was too usless because it was ACCOUNT (Hons) exam.i became tensed and not getting any way how to crack the exam.

Till then i was not asking any answer to that girl as i knew through my practical experiences that girls never help to a boy especially to a stranger as they suffer from Xaenophobia, but as the exam was like Chimera to me i took a chance of asking her and asked a question related to Depreciation.
I asked,"hey, do you know question no:7."
she said,"what?"
I said ,"have you solved question no:7."
she replied ,"yes."

I asked,"would you please show me that solution?"
she replied ,"now i m doing question no:9 ,after completing it i will show you."
I enquire,"what about question no:8."
she replied angrily,"i have already done it and now will you please shut your mouth and let me complete?"

I became very happy for that moment and thought 'koi to hai meri madad karne ke liye iss examination hall mein.Chalo kam se kam 3 questions karloonga to exam mein pass ho jaoonga.'

After completing Q no:9 she attempted for Q no:10 and then Q no:5.In our examination Q from 1 to 5 were theory based and from Q6 to Q10 practical questions, therefore i analysed that she had attempted 4 practical questions and one theory question.

she stood up and asked the teacher for water and the way she was writing the exam it seemed that she was very labourious, i also then demanded for water not because i was too labourious but it was a summer month.
I asked,"Hey ,when will you show me the answers,after the exam or what?"
She replied,"Have patient my boy."
I said ,"I am an impatient boy."
She laughed and said ,"don't disturb me otherwise i will call Sir."

I became angry and said ,"to hell with your sir and to hell your patient ,now show please show me the answers."
She smiled ,"Ok ,my little poorboy thats your answer."
I asked ,"what answer ?"
She said ,"I am going."
I asked," why are you going ?"
She replied ,"because i have completed."

I said ,"but.... i have not completed yet and you didn't show me any answer." and i continued,"i will fail in the exam if youwill not help me, please ,please don't do this to me ."

She called Sir and then i thought that she would be complaning about me but as sir was proceeding towards us she stood and gave me the cheating papers and then she whispered to me ,"have a nice exam my poor boy ."......she handed the answer sheets to sir and went outside the examination hall.
As she left,only half an hour was left but i managed to complete almost five questions so that i could pass the exam.Before her help i was having negative thinking about her that she was shelfish , she didn't believe in helping others but all that thoughts vanishes after her Critical help.

The bell rang i handed the paper to sir with a Smiling face and rushed out to thank that girl but she had gone already.I smiled and said to myself ,"Girls help boys after they help themselves especially in the examination hall."



MORAL of the Story
To Girls - Always help the needy boys.
To Boys - Never hesitate to ask girls to help you especially in the examination hall.

This abridged story has been taken from the book 'KHUSHI bole to HAPPINESS' , which is being written .


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